Not sure whether to buy a used motorcycle or a new one? There are advantages and disadvantages to either option. However, more and more buyers are turning to used motorcycles. What do you need to know before buying a used motorcycle? We’ll tell you in this article.

3 advantages of buying a used motorcycle

The purchase price is the first advantage of a used motorcycle. Indeed, it’s more accessible than a new motorcycle. The differences can be very important for the same model with the same characteristics. The reason is simple: its price is devalued as soon as it leaves the dealer’s showroom.
Buying a second-hand motorcycle also allows you to negotiate the price. Even though the bike is already priced at a discount compared to new, you can often negotiate a little. This is important because the margin you get will help you cover any unexpected costs of repairs and maintenance.
Over the years, motorcycle models offered by dealerships evolve. New models take the place of old ones, which gradually are no longer available and disappear from manufacturer’s catalogs. If you like an older model, the only way to acquire one is to buy a used motorcycle.

What are the priorities to check?

The braking system is logically at the top of the list of elements to check before buying a used bike. The reason is simple: the braking system is what ensures drivers’ safety, right from their first kilometers with a new bike. It is therefore important to make sure that you do the right checks to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Wheels have a lifespan. They wear out as the motorcycle goes along. They are therefore indicators of the kilometers covered by the vehicle. Of course, sellers can change them before the sale. Having new wheels on your new purchase is also an advantage because it’s one less expensive later on.
The mechanics of the motorcycle should obviously be checked. It is important to inquire about the history of the motorcycle and its recurring problems. You should also find out about specific maintenance requirements.
Finally, the documents related to the used motorcycle are very important as well. Indeed, they are what allow you to ride legally. You will also need to ensure the transfer of the vehicle to your name.

What are the differences between buying a new motorcycle and a used motorcycle?

The main difference between a new motorcycle and a used motorcycle is that the latter does not come with any guarantees. In fact, you will have to do the checks while the seller is still present. Otherwise, you won’t be able to ask them anything, because the sale will already be done.
Another difference is that a used motorcycle can be tested. Here, it is not a question of testing a similar model as in a dealership, but rather of trying out the motorcycle to be purchased. These tests will allow you to determine if the bike is right for you or not.


  • Odometer: 13 km
  • Stock #: A-0159
  • Price: $35,994

2024 Ducati STREETFIGHTER V4S *8km* NEUF

  • Odometer: 8 km
  • Stock #: A-0160
  • Price: $36,994 $35,994

2023 Indian Motorcycle CHALLENGER LIMITED *231 KM*

  • Odometer: 231 km
  • Stock #: A-0087
  • Price: $31,994 $30,244

2023 Royal Enfield HIMALAYAN

  • Stock #: A-0173
  • Price: $6,994


  • Odometer: 4,000 km
  • Stock #: U-8630
  • Price: $10,995

2023 Indian Motorcycle SPRINGFIELD NEUF (13KM)

  • Odometer: 13 km
  • Stock #: A-0180
  • Price: $25,994

2023 Indian Motorcycle PURSUIT DARKHORSE 1201KM

  • Odometer: 1,201 km
  • Stock #: U-8504
  • Price: $42,994 $40,299

2023 Triumph ROCKET III GT *360 KM*

  • Odometer: 360 km
  • Stock #: A-0091
  • Price: $24,994 $24,544

2023 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Touring FLTRX

  • Odometer: 4,427 km
  • Stock #: U-8676
  • Price: $28,995

2023 Indian Motorcycle SCOUT 1200 ABS *334 KM*

  • Odometer: 334 km
  • Stock #: A-0088
  • Price: $14,994 $14,384


  • Odometer: 759 km
  • Stock #: U-8709
  • Price: $6,495

2023 SHERCO 300 SEF

  • Stock #: U-8655
  • Price: $8,997

2023 Indian Motorcycle SCOUT ROGUE 1200 ABS BOBBER

  • Odometer: 4,918 km
  • Stock #: A-0174
  • Price: $15,444

2023 Honda SCL 500

  • Odometer: 200 km
  • Stock #: U-8629
  • Price: $7,795

2023 GUZZI V100 Mandello S

  • Odometer: 2,232 km
  • Stock #: U-8513
  • Price: $19,397 $18,497

2022 Polaris SLINGSHOT LE *1256 KM*

  • Odometer: 1,256 km
  • Stock #: C-0062
  • Price: $39,494 $38,994

2022 Harley-Davidson PAN AMERICA 1250 RA1250

  • Odometer: 4,308 km
  • Stock #: A-0167
  • Price: $19,994


  • Odometer: 12,112 km
  • Stock #: A-0170
  • Price: $31,194

2022 Triumph TIGER 660 Sport *55 KM*

  • Odometer: 55 km
  • Stock #: A-0094
  • Price: $10,994 $10,444


  • Stock #: A-0177
  • Price: $5,994