Planning to buy a used ATV? You need to check it out to make sure you get the best model. A used ATV has advantages and disadvantages. So what should you look at before buying? We give you 6 tips to make the right choice.

Always check the condition of the seat on a used ATV

The seat is the first guarantee of comfort. That’s why it must be in good condition when you buy a used ATV. Remember that quite often you will likely will be sitting for several hours on your ATV. Therefore, it is imperative that your seat be as comfortable as possible. It is the guarantee of a good experience during your excursions.
Everyone can have their own definition of a quality seat on an all-terrain vehicle. In general, it should not hurt when you sit for a long time. It should also have the necessary surface area to support your entire rear end.
The seat is an element on an ATV that wears out with use. While it can be an indicator of vehicle quality, remember that it is also easily replaced. So, if the rest of the items to be checked are in perfect condition, you can buy the ATV and replace the seat later.

Looking for defects in the frame

The frame is what keeps the ATV balanced. It is the central part of the quad. In fact, it is on this frame that all the other components will be mounted. Therefore, it must be in perfect condition or it will affect the balance. There is no point in having high-quality parts if the frame is not in good condition.
To recognize a defective frame, you just have to look for extra weld marks. If there are any, it definitely means that the frame broke at some point. Don’t hesitate to run your hand over the entire frame. You will be able to feel the imperfections under the paint, if there are any.
On the other hand, be wary of sticker wraps. This decorative coating can be used to camouflage cracks in the ATV frame. Hidden breaks can cause defects to appear over time.

Test the derailer and shifting performance

The derailer is a mechanism found on ATVs. It allows you to shift from one sprocket to another when you change gears. You will need it to optimize the performance of your off-road vehicle. Make sure it is in perfect working order.
Shifting gears on an ATV should be done without force. You will have to shift from one setting to another according to the type of terrain you encounter. That’s why the shifting mechanism must allow you to do so easily.

How are the gears and chain?

The gears interact with the chain to move the wheels of the ATV. If one of these components is defective, your ATV will have trouble running properly, if at all. Make sure the whole assembly is in perfect condition.
One or more broken teeth on the sprockets can alter the function of the chain. You must therefore check that everything is in good condition to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also check that these steel components are not too rusty. This can lead to sluggish movements and sometimes cause grating noises.
However, this assembly is also easily replaced. Nonetheless, take the time to do your checks properly if your goal is to get out on the trails as soon as possible.

Make sure the fork is free of defects

The fork is the foundation of ATV handling. It is directly connected to the handlebars. It also supports the shocks and the front wheel. Therefore, the whole assembly can be damaged if the fork is defective.
There are several ways to check the condition of the fork. However, the most important is to make sure there are no cracks. To do this, you need to look for weld marks on it. This is the same as when checking the frame.
This area should also be kept clean. There should be no oil leakage in this area. To check this, you can press the handlebars slightly towards the ground. If everything stays clean, it’s a good sign.

Look at the shocks

Shock absorbers are the key to your health and comfort. Indeed, they are the ones that receive the shocks that the ATV undergoes during your rides. The better they are, the less impact you will feel. Bumps from the ground can cause pain and discomfort especially to your back.
First, make sure that the shocks are original. This means that they have never been replaced. You can also check their brand. A brand that is well known for its performance is always a big plus.

In conclusion

These are some of the checks we do at Motoplex when we take back a used ATV as a trade-in. Of course, a used quad in good condition in our inventory will always be an attractive vehicle for our customers.

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